Compendium (return)

Here, you will find – exclusively – my humble compendium of letters. These are the correspondence I have maintained with my family. I submit them to your review for reasons I do not understand.

Forgive such musings as here follow. They are merely awkward attempts to understand a reality which eludes language. And, now they are yours.


Carys Comma


You shock the ancestry - the lineage. The history of you before and the you that is yet to be pivots on your momentous now.

You... Now...

The You Now savages the timeline with your temporal compassion.

The You Now enforces the immediacy of the present.

The You Now puts me on my heels, and prompts me to recognize your alien propiniquity... your salvific proximity.

I have always been a creature of the past, and sometimes the future. But, the present... that is where I struggle. This must create a tension.

I want to be better... 

... like you.