Compendium (return)

Here, you will find – exclusively – my humble compendium of letters. These are the correspondence I have maintained with my family. I submit them to your review for reasons I do not understand.

Forgive such musings as here follow. They are merely awkward attempts to understand a reality which eludes language. And, now they are yours.


Carys Comma


I am happiest when we are all together - when we are in each other's presence.

Happiness has been a mystery to me for a long time. You have taught me so much about it, When you are happy, you are luminous and intoxicating. You are able to enchant everyone in your vicinity with your gaiety. Typically, your joy is on display when you will purposefully do something ridiculous, and then, in response to your own actions break out in to a fit of wild giggles. Your hilarity spreads to your susceptible mother and your less willing brother. And I, well I'm also swept up into all that is you.

But, these moments fill me with awe. I am awed by you and your joyous capacity.

Since the day you were born, you have exercised an incredible power over this family. You hypnotize us with incantations of your very self. The energy of your spirit flows into out lives and it energizes us. Your power is like that of the Sun, which rises even after the darkest night.

Thank you for being you, my daughter. I hope you always are.