Compendium (return)

Here, you will find – exclusively – my humble compendium of letters. These are the correspondence I have maintained with my family. I submit them to your review for reasons I do not understand.

Forgive such musings as here follow. They are merely awkward attempts to understand a reality which eludes language. And, now they are yours.


Caedmon Comma

You are everything a father could want in a son.

You're intelligence is an ocean that floods through every word. I look into your eyes and see a shocking depth and curiosity.

It is remarkable how often you use that impressive mind of yours for kindness, grace, and of course, humor.

Your're getting to the point now where you are apt to participate in adult conversations. You have startling questions, and more than a fair share of criticism. You read voraciously, remember everything, and often you use such knowledge to promulgate some new and wonderful observation.

My God! You are amazing!

Every interaction I have with you, makes me a better person, and everything you do makes this world a better place.

The last several nights I have noticed something as I prayed the blessing over you before bed. Clad in pajamas, teeth freshly brushed, you have pressed your hands together and closed your eyes while I prayed. I think that you are praying with me. But, not out of belief. No, belief is a door that few can open. Rather, it is something else - something I hope that you can teach me.